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Chapter 5. Election Campaign

Article 26. The ri9ht to participate in political campaigns

1. Russian Federation citizens and public associations shall enjoy the inalienable right to conduct election campaigns for or against any candidates.

2. State bodies and local self-government bodies shall not take part in election campaigns for or against any candidates.

Article 27. The procedure for conducting electoral events

1. State bodies and local self-government bodies shall help the candidates and electoral associations in the organization and holding of pre-election meetings, meetings of candidates or their authorized representatives with voters. State bodies and local self-government bodies shall respond to the application for the allocation of premises for the conduct of such meetings within five days and grant permission pursuant to the procedure established by the constituency election commission.

2. Pre-election meetings hall be organized end conducted in accordance with the procedure established by existing legislation.

3. No electioneering shall be allowed on the premises of the polling fictions. .

4. The owner of state or municipal halls shall upon the request of the election commissions, make them available for meetings between the candidates or their proxies and the public. Election commissions shall pay for the use of such halls within the limits established by the Central Election Commission from the budgetary funds earmarked for the preparation and conducting of the elections of the State Duma. The election commissions shall provide equal opportunities for all candidates and federal lists of candidates.

Article 28.Election campaign in the mass media

1. No poll results pertaining to the coming election shall be published during the last ten day before the election.

2. Mass media organizations whose co-founders include state bodies, organizations, agencies or local self-government bodies, as well as mass media organizations that are at least partially financed by state or local self-government bodies shall ensure equal opportunities for all candidates to the State Duma to make public statements.

3. A candidate shall be entitled to one statement over state television and one statement on the state radio. The procedure for candidates' appearances over state television and on the state radio shall be established by the Central Election Commission with a view to ensuring equal access (in terms of the length of the statement, time of day and other conditions).

4. On every working day during the last three weeks of the election campaign Federal television and radio companies shall provide no less than one hour of airtime between 7 and 9 and 7 and 11 p.m. (taking into account time differences between the time zones of the Russian Federation) for election associations that have nominated federal lists candidates so that each election association gets access to equal air time on an equal footing.

Article 29. Issue of printed propaganda materials

1. Political parties and other public associations participating in the election campaign, and candidates standing for office in the State Duma shall enjoy the inalienable right to publish posters, leaflets and other campaign materials.

2. All printed campaign materials shall print information about the organizations and individuals responsible for their issues. No anonymous campaign materials shall be allowed.

3. If constituency election commissions are advised of the distribution of anonymous or false campaign materials, they shall take measures to put an end to such activities and may appeal to the corresponding law-enforcement authorities requesting them to take necessary measures to suppress the unlawful activities.

4. Election program and campaign materials shall not contain appeals for violent overthrow of the constitutional order or violations of the Integrity of the Russian Federation and shall not incite social, racial, ethnic or religious hatred. If such programs and materials do appear, the constituency election commissions shall act in accordance with the rules laid down in Paragraph 3 of this Article.

5. Printed campaign materials can be posted, subject to the agreement of the owner, inside any premises on any building or other facility, excluding the buildings and of the election commissions and polling stations.

Article 30. Duration of an election campaign

1. The campaign may not start before the candidate or the federal list of candidates if registered and shall end one day prior to the election.

2. No electioneering shall be permitted on Election Day. All printed campaign materials that had been earlier posted outside of the polling stations must be removed. In the last seven days before the election no materials damaging the honor and dignity of the candidates may be distributed.

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