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Избирательный бюллетень сильнее пули. Авраам Линкольн (1809-1865), шестнадцатый президент США


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17.10.2021, воскресенье. Московское время 04:37

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Chapter 9. Concluding Provisions

Article 45. Filling Vacancies

1. If a deputy to the State Duma elected in a federal constituency ends his office before the expiry of its term, by a decision of the State Duma his mandate shall be transferred to the next candidate on the same federal list. If the list of an election association has been divided into regional components, the mandate shall be transferred to the next candidate in the corresponding regional group of the list. If no more candidates are left in the corresponding regional group of this list (if there are any), the mandate may be transferred to another group on the same list, which has received the largest number of votes and has candidates who do not have the deputy's status. If there are no candidates left, the seat will remain vacant till the next general election.

2. If the mandates of State Duma deputies elected from an election association in a federal constituency are cancelled, shall be distributed by the Central Election Commission within the next seven days between the other federal lists of candidates in commensurate with their representation in the State Duma from the federal constituency. Methods laid down in Supplement 3 to the present Regulations shall be applied accordingly. If there are no lists left, vacancies will remain till the next general election.

3. If a State Duma deputy elected in a one-mandate constituency ends his office before the expiry of its term, the Central Election Commission shall call by-elections in the corresponding constituency within the next three days. The by-elections shall be held in accordance with the present Regulations. If less than nine months are left before the expiry of State Duma office, by-elections shall not be held.

Article 46. Consequences of the Falsification of Subscription Sheets.

If the falsification of signatures on a subscription list is detected and the number of such falsification exceeds the total number of signatures by tutored than 3 per cent or the number of the remaining signatures is not enough for registration, in accordance with the present Regulations, on the presentation of the Credentials Commission, the State Duma shall cancel, the registration of the corresponding federal list or some candidate.

Article 47. Penalties for the Violation of the Russian Federation Election Legislation.

The Individuals preventing by violence, deception, threats or any other method the free exercise of the right of the Russian Federation citizen to elect and to be elected a deputy of the State Duma and carry out election campaigns, as election commission members, officials of state bodies and public organizations who have committed forgery with regard to election documents, are responsible for a knowingly incorrect vote count or other breaches of the laws of the Russian Federation shall be punished in accordance with the procedure established by law.

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