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23.10.2021, суббота. Московское время 12:44

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Chapter 2. Constituencies. Voting Districts. Voter Lists

Article 8. The Setting up of Constituencies for Elections to the State Duma.

1. One-mandate constituencies shall cover the whole territory of the Russian Federation and shall meet the following requirements:

a) the availability of at least one election district on the territory of every Federation member
b) the equality of the constituencies within one and the same Federation member in number of voters with an allowable deviation of up to 15%;
c) territorial integrity; the existence or creation of a constituency made up of territories not adjoining each shall not be permitted;

2. The number of constituencies for the elections to the State Duma in each member of the Russian Federation shall be determined by the Central Election Commission commensurate to the number of the electors that it had at the time of the April 25, 1993, referendum.

Article 9. The Federal Constituency for Elections to the State Duma

1. The federal constituency for election» to the State Duma shall comprise the entire territory of the Russian Federation.

2. Belonging to the federal constituency shall also be voting districts to be formed in accordance with part 4 of Article 10 of these Regulations.

Article 10. The formation of Voting Districts.

1. Voting districts shall be formed no later than 45 days before polling day by decisions of the administration heads of the regions, cities and districts within cities with 100 to 3000 voters per district. In Far Northern areas, in mountainous and other sparsely populated localities, the formation of voting districts with 20 voters shall be permitted.

2. Voting districts shall be formed with due regard for the limits of regions, cities and districts within cities and with a view to providing the maximum of convenience for voters. The borders of voting districts shall not cross the border of constituencies.

3. The list of voting districts with the indication of the addresses of district election commissions and the attachment of a diagrammatic chart shall be published by the head of administration in the local press within three days and in the form of posters within 10 days after the adoption of the decision mentioned in part 1 of this Article.

4. Voting districts for citizens of the Russian Federation whose permanent place of residence is outside the Russian Federation shall be consular district on the territory or the host country, or, in the absence of consular institutions of the Russian Federation on its territory-on consular districts on the-territory of an adjacent or nearby country. The Central Election Commission shall incorporate a foreign voting district into a constituency for elections to the State Duma the population of which is lets than the average representation quota. The number of voters added to the constituency in this way shall not exceed 10% of their total number.

Article 11. Voter Lists

1. Area administrations (in autonomous areas not having a district division) and the local administrations in regions, cities, districts within cities, townships and rural populated localities shall ensure the registration of voters and shall hand over to the constituency and district election commissions information on the voters residing within the relevant territory.

2. A clarification of the voter lists shall be completed no later than 30 days before polling day. Voters who have settled within a voting district after this time limit but before polling day shall be included by the district election commission on a list of additional voters on the basis of documents con-firming their place of residence.

3. Each citizen of the Russian Federation who meets the requirements of Article 2 of these Regulations (as of election day) and has a permanent place of residence within the territory of the relevant voting district shall be put on the voter list.

4. The voter lilt shall be drawn up in alphabetical or other order (by populated areas, streets, buildings, or on the basic of the addresses of the voters). The surname, name, patronymic, date of birth and the address of a voter shall be indicated in the voter list.

5. The appropriate administration, and during the election campaign, the district election commission shall make the voter list available to citizens who wish to see it.

6. The lists of voters with a permanent place of residence outside the Russian Federation shall be drawn up by the consular institutions of the Russian Federation operating within the territory of the respective countries. Voters with a permanent place of residence in countries where there are no consular institutions of the Russian Federation may ask the consular institution of the Russian Federation on the territory of an adjoining or nearby country to be included in their voter list.

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Автор: В.И.Васильев, А.Е.Постников - ИРИС
Форма выпуска: Книга

Первое издание ИРИС - книга В. И. Васильева и А. Е. Постникова «Путеводитель по избирательной кампании: пособие для кандидатов в депутаты, избирательных объединений и избирательных блоков». Это популярный комментарий законодательства о выборах депутатов Государственной Думы. В книгу включены рисунки популярного карикатуриста А. Бильжо. Издание предназначено для кандидатов в депутаты, организаторов избирательных кампаний, избирательных объединений, избирательных блоков и иных участников выборов.

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