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Люди без принуждения не примут и не будут выполнять меры, наилучшим образом рассчитанные для их собственного блага. Бенджамин Франклин (1707-1790), американский политический деятель


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28.06.2022, вторник. Московское время 10:37

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Chapter VI. Status of Registered Candidates

Article 34. Equality of Registered Candidates

Article 35. Guarantees of Activities of Registered Candidates

Article 36. Ensuring Equal Status of Registered Candidates

Article 34. Equality of Registered Candidates

All registered candidates shall have equal rights and have equal obligations with the exception of the cases set forth by this Federal Law.

Article 35. Guarantees of Activities of Registered Candidates

1. From the day on which a candidate was registered by an appropriate election commission to the day on which the final election results are officially published the administration of the enterprise, institution, organization, the commanding officer of the military unit, the head of an internal affairs body where the registered candidate worksor serves shall, on the basis of an application, report of the registered candidate, release him/her from work, service on any day and for any time during this period. In this case, the appropriate election commission shall pay the registered candidate monetary compensation from the funds allocated for the preparation and holding of elections. The kind and amount of the compensation and the way of payment shall be established by a federal constitutional law, federal law, law of Subject of Russian Federation.

2. For the period of elections, registered candidates may not be dismissed from their office or transferred to another job without his/her consent at the initiative of the administration (employer).

3. The time of participation of a candidate shall be included in his/her work record at the position he/she held before the registration date.

4. A registered candidate may not be brought to criminal liability or be subject to administrative penalties imposed in a judicial procedure without consent of the relevant procurator (subject to the election level). The procurator when giving such consent shall immediately inform the election commission that registered the candidate.

5. The registered candidate and the electoral association, electoral bloc which had the list of candidates registered may appoint agents. Agents shall be promptly registered by the election commission on the basis of a written request of the candidate or the electoral association, electoral bloc and an application of the given person expressing his/her consent to be an agent.

6. The election commissions shall issue the agents certificates, and the agents shall exercise campaigning and other activities in favor of candidates (list of candidates). For the period specified in Clause 1 of this Article the administration (employer) shall provide an unpaid leave to agents, upon their request. Registered candidates who appointed agents, shall be entitled to withdraw them any time by notifying the relevant election commission thereabout, which shall cancel the certificates issued to such agents. The number of agents of a registered candidate shall be set by federal constitutional laws, federal laws, laws of Subjects of Russian Federation

7. The powers of agents shall terminate after the registered candidate who appointed them loses his/her status or after the candidates on the list of candidates nominated by an electoral association, electoral bloc who appointed these agents lose their status.

8. A registered candidate shall lose his/her rights and be relieved from his/her obligations related to the status of a registered candidate from the time of official publication of the election outcome in the mass media by the election commission. Should the relevant election commission announce a repeat voting (run-off) on the basis of the federal constitutional laws, federal laws, law of Subject of Russian Federation, normative legal act of the body of local self-government, the registered candidates who are excluded from the repeat voting (run-off) shall lose their status from the day of the announcement of the repeat voting by the relevant election commission.

9. If a federal law, law of Subject of Russian Federation provides for a repeat voting and only one candidate remains after the announcement but before the holding of the repeat voting, the place of the candidate that no longer runs for election shall be occupied by a candidate who polled the largest number of votes in the general elections after the candidates on whom originally the repeat voting was announced; this candidate shall again acquire the rights and obligations elating to a candidate status.

Article 36. Ensuring Equal Status of Registered Candidates

1. Registered candidate holding Class A state offices, according to the federal law on the foundations of the state (public) service in the Russian Federation, shall not be entitled to take advantage of their office.

2. Registered candidates at state or municipal service as well as those working in mass media shall be relieved from their official duties shall submit to the election commission a certified copy of the appropriate order (directive) no later than three days upon the day of registration and shall not be entitled to take advantage of the office or position for the period of participation in the election.

3. The list of violations of an equal suffrage connected with taking advantage of the official position and status is established by Clause 5 of Article 28 of this Federal Law.

4. A registered candidate holding a Class A office shall be entitled to conduct election propaganda only at leisure time (leaves, weekends, holidays, other days-off). This provision shall not apply to the use by registered candidates of the free of charge air time on the channels of state-owned and municipal TV and radio companies in compliance with Clauses 1 and 2 of this Federal Law.

5. Journalists, creative workers, and officials of editorial boards of mass media, official and creative officers of state-owned TV and radio companies shall be prohibited to participate in coverage of the election campaign through the mass media if such persons are candidates of candidates' agents.

6. Violations of the rules set forth by this Article by registered candidates shall serve as a ground for the cancellation of the registration of the candidate by the election commission that registered the candidate.

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